Autonomous floor care, at your service

Give your guests and visitors floor care innovation that cleans, captivates, and delivers visible proof of your commitment to their utmost satisfaction.

Helping over 2,700 companies automate worldwide

Improved guest experiences

Smart robots deliver five-star cleanliness and modern tech touches that wow guests.

Showcase commitment to cleanliness

Robots actively and persistently maintaining your floors provides guests visible confidence in your unwavering commitment to their safety and satisfaction.

Cultivate a tech-forward brand

Stay ahead of guest expectations by pioneering BrainOS automation to deliver uniquely personalized, tech-powered hospitality experiences that today's travelers crave.

Get a better & more consistent level of clean

Create a solid foundation for consistent facility cleaning operation with the enhanced availability, reliability, and consistency that cleaning robots offer.

Foster operational agility

Deploy intelligent robots to rapidly fulfill ad hoc guest requests and remedy housekeeping emergencies in the moment through on-demand optimization of resource allocation.

Pristine property carekeepers

Tireless automated custodians handle time-intensive surface care, empowering your teams to focus expertise on high-value hospitality that wows guests. Safety and satisfaction, ensured.

Intelligent surface hygiene

Let our autonomous floor cleaners consistently maintain pristine surfaces without supervision - enabling your staff to focus their talents on high-value duties.

Luxury-grade hygiene

Exceed guest expectations by leveraging BrainOS assistants that enable consistent surface disinfection at five-star luxury levels - upholding stringent hospitality sanitization metrics.

Optimized cleaning schedules

Unlike static routines, schedule BrainOS floor cleaning dynamically based on real-time occupancy data for maximized efficiency during lower-traffic periods.

Up-to-the-minute cleaning reports

Make data-driven housekeeping decisions using BrainOS up-to-the-minute cleaning reports that spotlight live metrics property wide for maximum efficiency gains.

Optimized operations through observation

Transform guesswork into quantifiable enhancements powered by BrainOS data illuminating efficiency needs, gaps, achievable benchmarks, and prescriptive improvements.

Measurable service benchmarks

No more gut feelings - make data-driven assessments of enhancements and staff productivity by reviewing BrainOS' detailed performance benchmarks across all hospitality tasks and shifts.

Up-to-the-minute insights

Eliminate month-old reports. BrainOS delivers live data feeds and real-time dashboards spotlighting up-to-the-second cleaning metrics and trends across properties - enabling instant issue resolution.

Insights for informed investments

Strategically allot labor, inventory, and locations using BrainOS analytics that spotlight occupancy surges, service demands, and cleaning needs - optimizing budget allocations by the numbers.

Relentless quality improvement

With continuous improvement powered by BrainOS hospitality analytics, guest experiences, safety protocols, and operational efficiencies evolve through controlled, measured, and ongoing optimizations.

Accelerated property productivity

BrainOS liberates your specialized talent from repetitive work, guiding enhancements with data-driven insights - empowering teams to fully invest expertise in the meaningful tasks that optimize hospitality operations.

Supervision-free responsibilities

Don’t waste your housekeepers’ talents on repetitive chores and basic tasks. Let our intelligent BrainOS robots take over superficial duties autonomously from start to finish.

Steady around-the-clock results

Simplify scaling operations with the predictability of BrainOS robots purposefully engineered to deliver uniform, uninterrupted results immune to human limitations – ready for any repeating tasks, however routine or extensive.

Streamlined procedures

Work confidently knowing essential jobs will be finished on time and with greater consistency, thanks to BrainOS robots purpose-built for maintaining brisk, efficient velocities across all types of repetitive hospitality duties.

Responsible cost management

Boost output substantially without overspending on more staff. For maximum ROI, let our easily scalable BrainOS workforce handle repetitive hospitality tasks to amplify human productivity.

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Hospitality customer spotlight

If we vacuum every floor with a robot, that saves one whole shift. That's one whole person per day that can be redeployed to do something else.

Grady Colin
Garden City Hotel managing director


Fewer people working in hospitality post-pandemic


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