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Imagine changing the world. ImagineYOU changing the world.

That’s the opportunity Brain Corp gives to its employees. You will be part of a world-class technical and business team that recognizes and encourages innovation, passion, problem-solving, and a curiousness for “what if” scenarios.

If you are looking to create a legacy of incredible discovery and technology advancements, join us. If you are looking for a diverse workplace and want to make a difference in how BrainOS is solving real-world challenges, look no further. Become one of Brain’s brilliant minds.

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The feeling of putting robots out in the world is amazing because it's a field that's growing. The more it advances, the more you want to change it, the more you want to make it even better.

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Living in San Diego

Life is good in San Diego, California. Near perfect weather, world-famous beaches, a stellar food scene, and endless activities make for an ideal lifestyle. Couple that with a leading university system, thriving tech startup ecosystem, and strong STEM workforce, and you’ve got something special. Learn more about why San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City."
Brain Corp Employees at Palomar Mountain
La Jolla, San Diego | Brain Corp
Brain Corp Employees at the San Diego Zoo
Brain Corp Employees playing Paintball

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