Your ticket to autonomous floor care

Give your travelers floor care innovation that cleans, captivates, and delivers visible proof of your commitment to their utmost safety, security, and satisfaction.

Helping over 2,700 companies automate worldwide

Automated for airport efficiency

Implement BrainOS powered automated floor care to slash costs, strategically allocate labor, enable 24/7 cleaning, and leverage data-driven insights for maximized airport productivity.

Automate repetitive tasks

Tedious duties like floor cleaning are handled by our airport robots so staff can focus on tasks requiring human discretion and skill.

Allocate staff more strategically

Refocus custodial staff on higher-value cleaning and maintenance by offloading repetitive floor duties to our airport robots.

Increase cleaning speed and coverage

Automation allows optimized cleaning of an airport so an area can be fully cleaned by robots and staff in less time compared to traditional methods.

Save big on floor care expenses

Reduce the reliance on less reliable, high cost manual airport floor care options by implementing robotic automation.

Next-level passenger experience

Deliver exceptional airport experiences using BrainOS robotic floor cleaning to maintain meticulous 24/7 cleanliness, quickly address high-traffic areas, and foster positive passenger perceptions.

Maintain meticulous cleanliness 24/7

Ensure flawless airport cleanliness at all hours with robotic floor care tailored to your unique aviation environment.

Custodial staff more available to assist passengers

Floor care automation enables reallocation of custodial staff to assist passengers, improving the airport experience.

Foster positive passenger perceptions

Advanced robotic floor cleaning visibly demonstrates your commitment to aviation hygiene and passenger wellbeing.

Adapt to dynamic airport spaces

BrainOS enables flexibility to modify routes and spaces as airport layouts and flows transform over time.

Optimization through observation

Actionable data for insights that drive airport improvements. Access real-time cleaning analytics to verify performance, create optimization heat maps, and generate on-demand reports.

View live cleaning metrics

On-demand data provides an instant snapshot of workflows so you can dynamically address issues rather than reviewing outdated reports.

Map workflow patterns and opportunities

Get an aerial view of operations with optimization opportunities illuminated with our robot cleaning analytics — visualized in heat maps.

Review latest compliance records

View live audit reports confirming consistent cleaning protocol conformance across all shifts with no lag.

Continuously improve through robot insights

Refine custodial operations guided by robot insights that spotlight needs, gaps and achievements so you can optimize strategically.

Around-the-clock sanitation guardians

Advanced technologies that promote the wellbeing of travelers and staff. BrainOS robots maintain 24/7 floor sanitation, reduce contact, and enable staff to focus on high-touch disinfection.

Maintain 24/7 surface disinfection

Clean floors shouldn't take shifts off - neither do our tireless autonomous disinfection robots.

Enable essential workflows contact-free

Provide essential services while minimizing interpersonal proximity by using autonomous robots for contactless workflows.

Funnel resources to deep cleaning needs

Robotizing repetitive touchpoint cleaning gives your employees more bandwidth to redirect expertise to optimizing your most crucial health and safety processes.

Showcase your commitment to health & safety

Deploy our fleet of robotic assistants to signal your uncompromising prioritization of passenger and staff wellbeing.

Swiftly scale disinfection as risks emerge

Effortlessly reconfigure your robotic fleet to implement augmentative cleaning and distancing protocols keeping pace with the latest risks.

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Airport customer spotlight

“Every day we clean nearly 19 million square feet of space in airports throughout the U.S., which is why we bought a fleet of Tennant’s robotic scrubbers  (powered by BrainOS). The autonomous floor scrubbers allow airport employees to have more time to use their skills on other important responsibilities. Plus, with lithium-ion batteries, the machines run longer and require less maintenance—saving us money and time while providing consistent cleaning performance and a better traveler experience.”

Kevin Barton
Vice President of Operations, FlagShip Facility Services, Inc.


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