Autonomous floor care is a walk in the mall

Give your customers floor care innovation that cleans, captivates, and delivers visible proof of your commitment to their utmost satisfaction.

Helping over 2,700 companies automate worldwide

Deliver superior mall experiences

Consistently clean floors that exceed expectations while dynamic robots provide memorable interactions that reinforce your brand as an innovator. Above and beyond basics, delivered.

Represent unwavering cleaning commitment

Make cleanliness promises prominent with robots, actively demonstrating your pledge to 24/7 floor care excellence across your facilities.

Cultivate positive brand perceptions

Strengthen your reputation by letting BrainOS enable the flawless floors your customers expect - underscore your dedication to the experiences they desire.

Build an innovation reputation

Demonstrate your pioneering spirit by showcasing sophisticated automation. Position your brand at the forefront by leveraging BrainOS to transform perceptions.

Cutting-edge floor care tech

Let our tireless robots handle time-intensive floor cleaning so your team can focus their talents where they matter most. Round-the-clock clean, accomplished.

Automate time-consuming manual cleaning

Mundane mopping eating up valuable hours? Empower your specialized crews by delegating the grunt floor work to our autonomous mobile robots.

Provide consistent surface sanitation

Clean surfaces shouldn't take time off - neither will our tireless automated scrubbers. With their flawless floors anytime, your cleanliness commitment shines 24/7.

Optimize cleaning schedules dynamically

Prescribed cleaning routines fall short of addressing real-time needs. Our robots fluidly adapt floor care based on live mall insights like foot traffic patterns and spill data.

Confirm completed tasks with performance data

Manage by fact, not guesswork. Our autonomous scrubbers generate detailed performance reports, giving you definitive proof required tasks were completed consistently.

Proactive protection provided

Clean floors that never cease. Contactless workflows to protect. Granular data that validates vigilance. Adaptable safeguards on demand. BrainOS strengthens safety through multi-layered protocols - automated for consistency.

Sustain 24/7 surface sanitation

Don't leave cleanliness to chance - standardize surface disinfection by letting our robots provide continuous floor care anytime. Your rigorous expectations, consistently achieved.

Minimize contact through automation

Safeguard visitors and staff by leveraging automated touchpoint disinfection from BrainOS, substantially decreasing contagion risks through reduced person-to-person contact.

Proactively curb contaminants

Get ahead of microbial spread using BrainOS' preventative surface sanitation that persistently destroys pathogens before they can disperse across touchpoints.

Adapt fluidly to support initiatives

Future-proof cleanliness initiatives through BrainOS' modular assistants that allow easy expansions and rapid deployments to enact amplified procedures in line with your latest precautionary directives.

Maximized productivity power

Smarter work achieved smarter. BrainOS' data-driven assistants provide the insights needed to notably enhance productivity, improve staff utilization, and validate gains.

Reallocate labor to specialized tasks

Your top-tier talent deserves better than dull work. BrainOS reclaims their time from monotony, allowing focus on the complex initiatives only they can master.

Enhance management through analytics

Don't fly blind - leverage BrainOS data illuminating efficiencies, gaps, and roadblocks. The insights you need to refine operations and validate gains.

Achieve quantifiable efficiency gains

Looking to reinforce executive confidence in optimization efforts? BrainOS provides tangible productivity gains and data trails validating operational excellence.

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Mall customer spotlight

“It's our job as janitors to keep people safe with the work that we do on a daily basis. With the help of robotic solutions we are confident that we can continue to deliver a higher level of clean that brings peace of mind to our partners and the communities we serve.”

Jess Settem
President Global Building Services, Inc


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