Keep your warehouse moving with automation

Transform your warehouse with robots that maximize productivity, decrease costs, and provide data-driven analytics.

Helping over 2,700 companies automate worldwide

Precise and efficient inventory capture

Manual processes for scanning inventory and RFID tags are time-consuming, inconsistent, and infrequent, leading to outdated inventory counts and operational inefficiencies. Embrace a digital and automated future with robots that meticulously manage your inventory with precision and efficiency.

Maintain the right level of inventory

Maintain the right balance of stock with consistent, up-to-date views of your inventory levels.

More frequently track your inventory

Monitor inventory levels and locations each day with automated RFID cycle counting, so you always know your on-hand inventory.

Add efficiency to let staff concentrate on other tasks

Minimize the time spent by your employees doing inventory counts and assign them to other important responsibilities.

Project a cutting-edge brand image

Demonstrate forward-thinking leadership through adoption of advanced robotic automation

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Intelligent floor care

Transform outdated manual processes by automating your floor care to reduce costs, boost productivity, deliver 24/7 consistency, and provide data-driven insights.

Validate daily cleaning compliance

Keeping floors clean every day is vital for safety and compliance, but consistently cleaning manually is challenging. Our robots enable reliable, thorough daily floor care.

Clean anytime without disruption

Nonstop warehouse operations need nonstop floor cleaning. Unlike humans, our tireless robots can clean floors at any time without impacting your workflow.

Access challenging cleaning areas

Tired of bungee-corded cleaning tools and risky acrobatics just to reach certain floors? Our autonomous robots easily access hard-to-clean areas.

Drive down cost of cleaning operations

Paying a premium for cleaning services to cover shortfalls? Our robotics solutions reduce costs and create more reliability within your operations.

Proven warehouse safety

Confidently scale automation knowing BrainOS robots uphold the highest safety standards - demonstrated across massive global fleet usage and millions of hours of rigorous, real-world operation across diverse conditions.

Safely share workspaces

Advanced sensors allow our robots to operate safely alongside staff by avoiding collisions in crowded, unpredictable environments.

Rigorously tested

We operate the largest fleet of robots operating in commercial public spaces, with millions of hours logged - validating our rigorous, industry-leading safety protocols.

Ingrained safety culture

From our products to our processes, we ingrain safety across every facet of our company by following rigorous protocols and standards.

Adapt to evolving workspaces

Our robots don't require fixed routes or environments, allowing flexibility to be re-configured as warehouse layouts and flows change over time.

Cutting-edge tech made simple

Hit the ground running with our intuitive autonomous solutions that provide quick implementation and seamless integration with minimal disruption to your operations.

Adopt cutting-edge AI and robotics capabilities

Looking to lead rather than follow? Be an innovator by deploying our advanced AI-driven autonomous solutions today.

Continuously optimize processes through data insights

What you can't measure, you can't improve. Our BrainOS platform generates robust data for ongoing optimization and automation of workflows.

Adapt floor cleaning tasks based on real-time needs

Respond to highly demanding and changing cleaning requirements through the flexible automation our AI-powered robots provide.

Easily integrate new features and robot applications

Leverage your initial investment for expanded capabilities by seamlessly integrating additional autonomous robots as needs arise.

Enhanced workforce productivity

Cut labor costs while more effectively utilizing employees by delegating repetitive tasks like floor cleaning and delivery to intelligent warehouse robots.

Bridge labor gaps caused by shortages

Don't allow labor scarcity to continuously throttle your warehouse productivity. Our automation solutions effectively fill gaps to ensure fully staffed shifts.

Liberate staff from dull, repetitive work

Automating repetitive tasks re-engages employees and amplifies their job satisfaction. Our robots handle drudgery so your team feels energized and empowered.

Build loyalty by removing dull tasks

Retaining top talent requires engaging work experiences. Our automation solutions consistently receive high marks from employees for workplace satisfaction.

Expand output without expanding payroll

The key to cost-effective growth is knowing where to add automation versus headcount. Our robots amplify your team's production dramatically while keeping labor costs steady.

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Warehouse customer spotlight

“We just hit a few buttons and let it clean the facility by itself. We found that within a year and a half, the unit should pay for itself. So, it's definitely an investment, but in the long run, it'll pay off.”

Daniel Hernandez
Sanitation Manager for Nellson Nutraceutical


square-foot warehouse previously cleaned with a with a manual scrubber, now cleaned autonomously


Hours of human labor reallocated per day

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