Make sense of your store’s inventory with beautiful clarity.

Tracking in-store inventory involves deploying multiple associates to meticulously identify inconsistencies amongst tens of thousands of SKUs. Retailers can gain clearer operational visibility through our AI-powered inventory analytics and autonomous inventory scanning robots — illuminating insights that boost sales, loyalty, and productivity.

A smarter way to manage your stores

Revenue Rescue

Automated inventory management boosts sales

Missing or out-of-stock items can’t be bought, and inaccurately priced items result in customers being charged the wrong amount. The BrainOS® Sense Suite deploys intelligent robots and inventory analytics to identify issues with product availability, price tags and product locations, helping retailers capitalize on sales opportunities and make customers happier.

Placement Power

Well-managed stores build customer loyalty

Retailers are in a battle for customer loyalty, and the best way to win loyalty is to create a strong customer experience. This means ensuring your customers can get what they want, where they want it, when they want it, and at the price they expect. Our robotic and inventory analytics offering helps retailers increase the accuracy and precision of their inventory, resulting in a higher level of trust with customers.

Planogram compliance

Inventory automation uplifts productivity all around

Automating inventory management improves accuracy, enabling more efficient and productive operations at every point. Shelf audits, restocking, ordering, and picking become streamlined using real-time data. Robots efficiently scan items while associates are freed up to sell and serve customers, allowing them to focus on what matters most.

In-store analytics

Our Sense Suite solutions combine inventory analytics and autonomous capturing robots to grant retailers unprecedented visibility - enabling better decisions through complete, up-to-date store data.

In-store omniscience

The InventoryAI Suite equips stores with accurate inventory, placement, and price analytics that they need to ensure customers can find the items they want to buy and purchase the items at the price they expect to pay.

Anytime remote access

Remotely walk your store's floors, leave notes for teammates, revisit previous layouts, check facilities compliance — without traveling between locations.

Ops management
& fleet intelligence

BrainOS® Ops Management Tools equip retailers with controls and reports for scheduling operations and reviewing insights. This helps retailers manage their automated operations at all levels, driving transparency and efficiency.

Cloud-based intel, optimization, and monitoring

Our Fleet Operations Portal provides a centralized, cloud-based platform to monitor and optimize your autonomous fleet. It generates actionable insights to guide data-driven decision-making around strategic initiatives.

Remote fleet interaction and access

Our mobile app enables administrators to interact with robots remotely. View real-time usage statistics, receive priority alerts, check on robot status, access training materials, and more — all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Automated, actionable insights delivered to your inbox

Our system automatically generates and delivers insightful daily reports covering autonomous robot usage, operational performance metrics, heat maps, and more. Weekly summary reports are also sent to give managers an aerial view of the fleet's work.

Proven automated data capture

With more hours and miles logged than any platform, the BrainOS® Robotics Platform is the most mature, real-world tested platform for autonomous mobile robots. Our laser focus and rigorous approach to development ensures safety and reliability are baked into every layer of our autonomy stack.

Laser-focused autonomy platform

Robots with BrainOS navigate dynamic and unpredictable environments with exceptional precision, consistently setting high standards for smooth and safe navigation.

Keen sense for uncovering errors

Our advanced data capture technology platform enables multiple data collection options, including computer vision and RFID scanning, for frequently capturingprecise, localized data

Ingrained culture of Safety First

Safety is not just a checkbox for us, it is ingrained in every facet of our company. With millions of autonomous hours and advanced security features, BrainOS brings advanced safety and security to thousands of facilities worldwide.

Autonomy services for large scale automation

BrainOS® Autonomy Services incorporates our advanced tooling and support crafted to steer retailers towards success throughout their complete automation journey.

Frictionless deployments at scale

With our team of Robot Application Specialists (RAS) and advanced fleet management tooling for deploying large scale automation programs, we are able to remotely craft optimal scanning routes quickly so stores can start gaining insights within days.

Remote optimization drive performance

Through our team of Robot Application Specialists and advanced fleet management tooling for operating large scale automation programs, we are able to remotely identify and improve suboptimal robotic navigation, diagnose machine health issues,   and push software updates that bring new capabilities and performance levels.

Automation embedded into existing workflows

Our integration services gives retailers the opportunity to receive on-site training and assistance after implementation to help stores seamlessly insert robotic workflows and inventory analytics into their operations.


More out-of-stocks detected versus manual checks


more scans per week compared to manual checks

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