Retail automation is our specialty

BrainOS powers automation especially for retail, helping you manage inventory, tour your stores aisle-by-aisle, and keep floors clean.

Helping over 2,700 companies automate worldwide

Customer loyalty is a challenge, especially now with consumers splitting time across brick-and-mortar and e-commerce.

Retail automation and intelligence powered by BrainOS helps retailers increase productivity, maintain margins, and sustain brand experiences systemwide through optimized workflows and data-driven insights.

Enhanced inventory visibility

The majority of retailers manually track in-store inventory by deploying associates to meticulously identify inconsistencies amongst tens of thousands of SKUs, looking for issues with product availability, price tags and product locations. Give your associates robotic and AI tools for a more accurate solution for addressing inventory issues.  

Keep shelves stocked

Our robots map on-shelf availability across individual aisles, stores, regions or your whole chain for optimized inventory.

Simplify locating items

Ensure promotions and products are in the right locations across stores so customers can easily locate items.

Ensure price accuracy

Confirm pricing integrity across all shelves with autonomous price audits, preventing mismatches that hurt revenue and the customer experience.

BrainOS® InventoryAI Suite delivers in-store omniscience

The InventoryAI Suite equips stores with accurate inventory, placement, and price analytics that they need to ensure customers can find the items they want to buy at the price they expect to pay.

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Dane AIR™

Inventory Scan AMR Integrated Accessory



This is what our retail customers say about us

“I think that we're one of the first retailers in the world that actually gets a daily snapshot of exactly what our items are in what locations in the Club, whether it's on the floor or in the steel. And then we're using that to automate, at the moment 35% of inventory tasks, and in the very near future, 70% of inventory tasks. So you're taking out the mundane kind of clerical tasks that associates had to do to enable them to be member facing.”

Kathryn Mclay
Sam’s Club President & CEO
At Baird 2023 Global Consumer, Technology & Services Conference


of inventory tasks automated


inventory images captured daily by BrainOS robots

Sites managed remotely

Store execution is more critical than ever. BrainOS-powered autonomous mobile robots capture and share 360 images that show corporate teams and managers how a store is performing.

Tour stores virtually

Don't waste resources traveling - remotely tour, inspect and interact with sites from your desk with BrainOS.

Communicate digitally

Leave location-specific feedback during virtual tours to coordinate distributed teams.

Unlock learnings from the past

BrainOS stores time-stamped site data to inform management decisions through past and present comparisons.

Confirm compliance from anywhere

Use BrainOS virtual walkthroughs to remotely validate sites meet organizational policies and codes.

BrainOS® Virtual Tours deliver anytime remote access

Remotely walk your store's floors, leave notes for teammates, revisit previous layouts, check facilities compliance — without traveling between locations.

Precise and efficient inventory capture

Manually scanning inventory is time-consuming, inconsistent, and infrequent, leading to outdated inventory data and operational inefficiencies. Embrace a digital and automated future with robots that meticulously manage your inventory with precision and efficiency.

Maintain accurate inventory to meet demand

Reduce out-of-stocks through improved inventory management for a superior shopping experience

More frequently check your shelf execution

Monitor shelf execution each day with automated inventory checks, so you always know your stores are optimized to sell.

Add efficiency to let staff concentrate on customers

Enable staff to spend more time directly assisting customers by automating operational tasks

Project a cutting-edge brand image

Demonstrate forward-thinking leadership through adoption of advanced robotic automation

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Intelligent floor care

Traditional, manual approaches to floor care in retail spaces are no longer efficient nor sufficient in meeting customer expectations. BrainOS®-powered autonomous retail floor cleaners offer a sustainable cleaning solution for today’s challenges and beyond.

Collect and analyze cleaning data

BrainOS provides detailed data on cleaning performance, enabling data-driven optimization.

Offload drudgery, maximize capacity

Alleviate labor shortages by automating floor cleaning with robots. Let our floor cleaning robots take on the drudgery of floor care so your team can drive productivity.

Deliver consistent clean, 24/7

Autonomous floor cleaning robots deliver unrivaled consistency and availability for pristine retail spaces.

Save big on floor care expenses

Cut cleaning costs substantially by leveraging our autonomous floor care robots to take over manual duties.

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