January 16, 2024
Inventory analytics
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Brain Corp Unveils New Inventory Analytics Solution and Autonomous Robotic Solution in Partnership with Dane Technologies, Designed to Revolutionize Inventory Management in Retail

Inventory management
Brain Corp
Brain Corp
Inventory analytics
  • New ‘Dane AIR™’ inventory scanning robot, built in collaboration with Dane Technologies and powered by the next generation BrainOS® Robotics Platform, enables efficient and precise in-store inventory capture
  • The BrainOS® InventoryAI Suite provides retailers with an inventory analytics and management solution fully tailorable to their operations 

Brain Corp, an autonomous technology company creating transformative core technology in robotics and AI, today unveiled the BrainOS® InventoryAI Suite, a sophisticated retail inventory analytics solution designed to analyze inventory data captured by autonomous mobile robots running on its platform. It also unveiled the ‘Dane AIR™’, a purpose-built inventory scanning robot developed in collaboration with Dane Technologies.

Currently, the majority of retailers manually track in-store inventory by deploying associates to meticulously identify inconsistencies amongst tens of thousands of SKUs, looking for issues with product availability, price tags and product locations. Automating this process with robots and AI can help food retailers save by reducing losses from out-of-stocks and pricing discrepancies, which costs retailers more than 6% of their total sales, according to The Food Institute

Designed for fully autonomous operation, the Dane AIR™ ensures precise collection of inventory data in dynamic and public store environments while also empowering associates by allowing them to redirect their focus to other essential tasks. .

Key features include: 

  • Next-generation BrainOS® Robotics Platform with advanced sensors for efficient, reliable performance.
  • BrainOS® Shelf Vision and BrainOS® RFID to ensure comprehensive and precise inventory capture.
  • Agile navigation through store aisles and intelligent rerouting for efficient scanning around store activities. 
  • Fully autonomous operation with automated docking and charging.
  • Cloud-based smart route generation optimizes scanning efficiency.
  • Lithium-ion battery provides up to 12 hours of extended scanning operation.
  • Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity offer seamless communication.

"Dane AIR™ is poised to deliver outstanding ROI to retailers worldwide, addressing both outdated data collection processes and the pressing challenges stemming from labor shortages in the industry," stated Dan Johnson, CEO of Dane Technologies. "We know that effective inventory management drives profitability. The Dane AIR™’s capacity to cost effectively automate inventory data collection and provide precise, actionable insights on demand, delivers a significant margin optimization opportunity for the industry."

BrainOS® InventoryAI Suite 

Brain Corp also introduces the BrainOS® InventoryAI Suite - an adaptable, comprehensive, AI-powered, inventory analytics solution empowering retailers to capture and leverage in-store data according to their unique needs. This approach enables retailers to seamlessly integrate intelligence into their operations, leveraging the power of AI to swiftly identify and address critical issues including:

  • Out-of-stock items
  • Price tag errors
  • Promotional compliance issues
  • Misplaced products 
  • Stock counts (with RFID) 

“Our mission is straightforward: we help retailers put the right product on the right shelf at the right price,” said David Pinn, CEO of Brain Corp. “This simple value proposition drives operational improvements, cost reductions, sales uplift, and an elevated customer experience. It equips retailers with a competitive edge in today’s dynamic retail environment."

About Dane Technologies

Dane Technologies was founded in 1996 to help retailers address the safety and productivity challenges of manual shopping cart retrieval and management. Working together with their clients, Dane Technologies has grown from that single product to become one of the most trusted names in ergologistic solutions – serving clients in retail, industrial, distribution, transportation, and healthcare around the world. 

About Brain Corp

Brain Corp is the global leader in robotic AI software that powers the largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) operating in commercial public spaces. Global OEM partners use the company's cloud-connected platform, BrainOS®, to create scalable, self-driving robots that are used by end customers to clean floors and sense environmental data - turning manual operations into automated workflows. Fortune 500 brands across multiple verticals benefit from the growing portfolio of BrainOS®-powered robots and our industry-leading privacy, safety and efficiency tools that make managing and scaling automation easier. Brain Corp currently powers more than 30,000 AMRs, representing the largest fleet of its kind in the world.

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