Our partners are innovative

We collaborate with best-in-class commercial equipment companies and analytics leaders to create unparalleled autonomous solutions that optimize floor care, inventory management, and data-driven decision making.

Cutting-edge machines deserve cutting-edge software

The BrainOS Robotics Platform powers the world’s largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots operating in public spaces. Established yet pioneering, BrainOS proves itself more than capable of tackling automation across a variety of industries.

Take a look at the numbers


Leader in deployed autonomous robots in public spaces (ABI Research)


Autonomous robots deployed globally


Continents with active BrainOS robots

OEM partners

We embed our robotic brains within allies’ brawn - merging AI driver software and partners’ stalwart commercial equipment into autonomous robots boasting unparalleled quality.

Superior performance

We choose proven partners that can deliver consistent, high-quality results.

Unparalleled support networks

Your machines will be serviced swiftly through our partners' far-reaching networks, avoiding any prolonged downtime issues.

Scalable machinery rosters

Our partners provide equipment variety so each location can have the right robot for them.

Powered by BrainOS®

Our partner companies create the machine. We make it fully autonomous.

Analytics partnership

Through our partnership with Google Cloud, we offer comprehensive inventory analytics delivering game-changing operational visibility through best-in-class image ingestion, product recognition, and insights embedding capabilities.

Ultra-high-speed image ingestion

Through Google’s architecture, we achieve lightning-fast speeds ingesting imagery of perpetually evolving shelf conditions flooding in from global store networks – establishing the robust image intake bases vital for responsive calculations.

Unmatched product identification

Owing to integration with Google’s unparalleled product libraries of billions of items, our models identify goods with precision unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

Turnkey analytics integration

Through integrations enabled by the Google Cloud ecosystem, our inventory analytics can flow directly into existing interfaces.

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