Modern floor care for the new normal

Increase your cleaning capacity in the midst of labor and operational challenges with BrainOS®-powered autonomous floor care robots — the most intelligent tools organizations can leverage to automate workflows, optimize operations, reduce costs, and unlock valuable insights.

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How it works

Self-driving floor navigation

Floor cleaning robots with BrainOS safely and effectively navigate high-traffic commercial environments thanks to a proven record of autonomous hours across various settings like retail stores.

The technology also enables easy deployment and adaptation - workers can quickly train the robots on optimal cleaning routes regardless of technical skill. After this initial route learning, the robots leverage AI to autonomously optimize navigation, allowing your staff to focus on higher-value work rather than constant oversight.

Sensor-enabled cleaning

Advanced cameras and LiDAR sensors work together with machine learning algorithms to empower robots to effectively detect the environment down to the millimeter and avoid potential obstacles. After initial learning from trainers, the robots switch to autonomous optimization of cleaning paths for maximum performance.

Data-driven analytics

Take advantage of the detailed performance statistics and heat maps generated by our platform to gain valuable, actionable insights. Analyzing this cleaning usage data allows you to easily identify areas for improvement and optimize schedules and routes. You'll also have the compliance reporting required to quantify productivity.

The future of intelligent floor care

Autonomous floor care robots enable consistent and optimized operations to create the next generation of commercial cleaning.


hours of autonomous cleaning by our robots


square feet covered by our robots

Cost-effective cleaning

Automate workflows with autonomous floor cleaning robots that deliver results at a fraction of the cost of manual labor.

Clean anytime, day or night

Robotic floor cleaners can work 24/7 with no schedule constraints, enabling cleaning at less disruptive times.

Make data-driven decisions

Optimize your cleaning operations using the detailed usage metrics and insights provided by our robots' cloud-based platform.

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