inventory management

BrainOS® delivers the granular, real-time inventory visibility and insights retailers need to make data-driven decisions that maximize sales and enhance customer experience.

Get more from your shelves

Keep shelves stocked

Keeping shelves stocked is crucial for customer satisfaction — and sales. With Brain Corp's computer vision and RFID technology, spotting empty shelves becomes a breeze.

This smart tech quickly identifies where restocking is needed, ensuring products are always available for customers.

An image of an app screen with a detailed view of an item's pricingAn image of an app screen with a detailed view of an item's pricing

Ensure price accuracy

Pricing errors can cause confusion and may affect a store’s credibility, not to mention the bottom line. Brain Corp's technology employs computer vision to scan and verify price tags, ensuring they match the listed prices.

Any discrepancy is caught swiftly, maintaining trust and smooth transactions.

Make finding items easy

In stores, finding products can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt for associates, customers and online pickers. Brain Corp's tech uses computer vision and RFID to keep a tab on product locations, making it easier to identify where products are throughout the store.

Image of an app screen with a detailed view of a productImage of an app screen with a detailed view of a product

The tech engine

Discover the core technologies fueling our retail revolution — seamlessly bridging the gap between shelves and sales.


sales lost due to out of stock items from US retailers in 2021


of US retailers said out-of-stock items are their biggest challenge

Sense with computer vision & RFID

Computer vision and RFID empowers robots to understand what products are in the store, their placement, and their price - making the process of taking inventory more efficient and precise.

Analyze with AI

By integrating with Google Cloud's billions-strong product database, our AI identifies shelf merchandise with unrivaled accuracy.

Deliver actions

We deliver actionable insights directly to store associates so inventory issues can be swiftly addressed and resolved across locations.

BrainOS® Sense Suite: next-gen inventory mastery

Step into a future where inventory management is seamlessly automated, enhancing customer satisfaction and retail workflows. Our technology redefines inventory handling with elegance and efficiency.

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