everyday machines
into autonomous solutions

AI platform for the development, deployment, and management of intelligent machines


Brain Corp's self-driving technology integrates with pre-existing machines, effectively turning them into intelligent robots.

Intelligent Floor Scrubbers

Brain Corp’s autonomous navigation capabilities have been applied to the commercial floor care industry across a variety of intelligent cleaning machines.
Working with Brain Corp’s BrainOS technology will help Savioke scale efficiently to quickly deliver robotic solutions to our customers and partners in the global healthcare, hospitality, and logistics markets. As we continue to expand, BrainOS will allow us to better focus our internal development efforts on customer-specific applications and environments.

Steve Cousins

CEO of Savioke and founder of the open-source Robot Operating System (ROS)
The cleaning business has certainly gone through substantial change over the last few decades...and nothing has the power to truly transform our industry more than new technology. Brain Corp's autonomous navigation platform is one such game-changer.

Holly Borrego

Senior Director of Cleaning Services, C&W Services
holly_borego Senior Director of Cleaning Services at C&W Services
Softbank Robotics prides itself on partnering with companies that share our goal of bringing helpful, impactful technologies to the world. We look forward to working together with Brain Corp to fulfill a shared vision of making robots a part of everyday life.

Kenichi Yoshida

Chief Business Officer, Softbank Robotics
Chief Business Officer of Softbank Robotics, Kenichi Yoshida

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