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Immunize your facilities against disruptions and contagions using persistent intelligent assistants that sanitize and verify.

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Surface cleaning reinforcements

Meticulous floors without fail. Our autonomous cleaning robots handle dirty work around the clock, empowering staff to focus specialized skills on optimizing patient outcomes.

Automate time-consuming manual cleaning

Basic floor care is time stolen from more meaningful work. Free your teams from repetitive manual scrubbing by letting our AI handle these tedious custodial tasks.

Provide consistent and reliable cleaning

Keep your floors pristine at all hours with high performing robotic custodians, enabling hygiene you can rely on.

Enable staff to focus on specialized work

Unlock your healthcare teams' full potential by letting our robots handle repetitive floor duties, allowing more time for complex tasks that enhance patient outcomes.

Adapt to changing facility needs

Prescribed cleaning routines can't address changing conditions. Our autonomous scrubbers continuously optimize floor care based on current needs, not preset schedules.

Maximized team output

Regain thousands of hours lost to repetitive tasks - reinvested by BrainOS where they create exponential value: enhanced care, improved outcomes, saved lives.

Achieve quantifiable efficiency gains

Justify investments with quantifiable outcomes. Our data-driven automation validates efficiencies - replacing assumptions with scientific proof of expanded capacity beyond doubt.

Continuously improve workflows

Implement enhancements informed by BrainOS' granular performance analytics spotlighting optimization opportunities - don't operate in the dark.

Reallocate labor to specialized work

Don't spread your experts thin. Let BrainOS handle repetitive tasks so your staff can fully invest their potential into the specialized care initiatives that optimize patient outcomes.

Tech-forward patient experiences

Consistently clean floors that exceed expectations while high-tech robot interactions reinforce your brand as an innovation leader. Patient confidence strengthened from all angles.

Represent unwavering hygiene commitment

Showcase your rigorous infection control standards by using BrainOS' visible robotic teams to actively maintain pristine floors - building patient trust in your uncompromising cleanliness vigilance.

Build an innovation reputation

Stay at the forefront of leveraging advanced technologies by being an early adopter of BrainOS' state-of-the-art autonomous mobile robots - conveying your bold vision.

Build patient trust

Provide visible reassurances that upholding safety is your number one priority via BrainOS' robotic teams actively maintaining meticulous cleaning vigilance.

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Healthcare customer spotlight

“The cleaning crew is able to spend more time on other things — disinfecting rooms, patient engagement, cleaning bathrooms more frequently, moving furniture and actually taking a break once in a while — all while the robot is still cleaning the floor. Maintaining such a clean environment while also reassigning labor has been a huge win for both Frederick Health and the community we serve every day.”

Don Moody
Environmental Services (EHS) Director at Frederick Health HospitalAcme Company, Product Management


square feet of floor space cleaned every day using the robotic floor scrubber at Frederick Health


square feet of healthcare space covered by robots with BrainOS  

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