Manage your sites from anywhere

BrainOS helps you visit and interact with your stores from wherever you are. Walk down every aisle in minutes and gather valuable insights to improve your stores’ revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Interact with your sites:
virtually and from anywhere

Virtual walkthroughs

Don't waste time and money traveling to sites. BrainOS virtual tours allow you to remotely walk and interact with locations right from your desktop or phone.

Contextual conversations

Leave location-specific feedback during virtual BrainOS walkthroughs. Get real-time notifications to manage distributed teams like you're there in person.

Remote verification

Leverage virtual tours to visually validate improvements and confirm sites meet requirements.

Historical insights

BrainOS stores time-stamped site data to inform management decisions. Compare past and current views to hone tactics, ensure task completion, and identify areas to optimize.

Revolutionize site management without leaving your desk

With remote interactions, instant notifications, and data-driven insights, BrainOS enables the next generation of site management.


Reduction in costs among automation leaders


Of shoppers have walked out of a store due to poor physical appearance and disorganization.

Anywhere, anytime access

Monitor sites and coordinate teams remotely 24/7 through virtual interactions and instant notifications.

Data-driven management decisions

Leverage historical data comparisons and trends to optimize tactics, ensure task completion, and drive ongoing improvements.

Increased productivity

Reduce costs and manual effort with virtual site tours instead of physical trips. Manage locations from the convenience of your desk.

Remote management resources

Articles, interviews, videos, ebooks, and more from Brain Corp.

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