Clean never felt so smart

Combat labor shortages and operational challenges by leveraging the BrainOS Clean Suite — the most advanced robotic and AI powered tools to fully automate workflows, dramatically optimize operations, and reduce costs.

Intelligently clean

Automate away drudgery

Empower your staff through automation

Manual cleaning is time-consuming. Autonomous robots help free employees from repetitive tasks so they can focus on other valuable tasks, while also enabling them to upskilll by becoming robot managers. Your staff gains opportunity to achieve their full potential while robots maintain high cleaning standards.

Dirt to data

Enhance cleanliness with added visibility

Leverage performance data and analytics from our robots to continually optimize cleaning operations. Our suite of reporting tools provides actionable insights, including being able to see what has and hasn't been cleaned.

Dependably clean

Build higher standards of safety

Our safety-focused platform enables robots to intelligently perceive their surroundings and immediately react to obstacles, helping prevent accidents and equipment damage. All robots that use the BrainOS® Robotics Platform undergo rigorous testing to ensure that all functional safety performance requirements per safety standards are met.

Step ahead

Improve the reliability of your operations

You need more reliability with your cleaning operations, which is why we provide the tools and services needed to ensure consistent operations. And with ongoing R&D that generates new advancements and capabilities shared through continuous software updates, your BrainOS enabled operations only get better with time.

Cleaning management & intelligence

BrainOS® Ops Management Tools enable a digital approach to monitoring, reporting on and improving cleaning performance. Autonomous robots collect proof-of-work data for transparency into cleaning operations. Our suite of analytics tools turns this data into insights that drive efficiency gains.

Cloud-based portal for data-driven cleaning insights

Our Fleet Operations Portal provides a centralized, cloud-based platform to monitor and optimize your autonomous cleaning robot fleet. It generates actionable insights to empower data-driven decision-making around cleaning initiatives.

BrainOS mobile app enables on-the-go cleaning fleet interaction

Empower your operators and managers with real-time controls and insights that provide features like:

  • Live maps to see proof of work in real time
  • Alerts so operators can easily manage their machines
  • Usage stats to assess your operations' performance

Automated email reports deliver cleaning performance insights

Rollup reports deliver maps revealing cleaned/missed areas, graphs of routes/days completed, total run hours, square footage covered — transparent insights into cleaning operations.

Cleaning robot autonomy

With more hours and miles logged than any platform, the BrainOS® Robotics Platform is the most mature, real-world tested platform for autonomous mobile robots. Our laser focus and rigorous approach to development ensures safety and reliability are baked into every layer of our autonomy stack.

Laser-focused autonomy platform

Through tireless investments future-proofing AI pathfinding, our robots navigate unpredictability with precision poise beyond the grasp of alternatives - continually uplifting benchmarks for fluid, autonomous mobility.

Flexible & intuitive route set up

Easily create and change routes whenever you wish using our two route teach methods:

Teach & Repeat: The ability of a robot to learn and replicate specific cleaning routes and patterns, enabling consistent cleaning, customizability/flexibility, and ease of use for all people.

Area Fill: The ability of a robot to learn and replicate routes in large open areas (e.g. gymnasiums) simply by circling the perimeter, requiring less training time.

Rigorously validated reliable, safe operation

With millions of autonomous hours and advanced security features, BrainOS brings advanced safety and security to thousands of facilities worldwide. And to back it all up, our UL 60730-1 recognized controller enables cleaning robots meet stringent CSA/ANSI C22.2 No. 336-17 and IEC 63327 safety standards for public autonomy.

Ongoing support for your cleaning operations

With BrainOS® Autonomy Services, we offer the tools and expertise to keep your autonomous cleaning operations running efficiently - from software upgrades to remote diagnostics and user trainings.

Continuous software enhancements

We frequently push out new software updates so your autonomous robots continuously get upgraded with the latest features, performance improvements, and bug fixes, helping your operations get even better over time.

Remote diagnostics & evaluation

Cloud tools allows us to monitor the health of your cleaning routes, and suggest improvements directly to operators to help your operations.

Expand staff capabilities

Empower your teams through access to training content and video resources that unlocks the full potential of your robot operations.

2023 Autonomous Cleaning Hours

by robots running on the BrainOS Robotics Platform


2023 Autonomous Cleaning Workdays

by robots running on the BrainOS Robotics Platform


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