Smarter cleaning for schools and universities

Reduce costs, empower custodians, sustain cleanliness, and gain operational intelligence by implementing BrainOS AI-enabled autonomous floor cleaning into your educational institutions.

Helping over 2,700 companies automate worldwide

Efficient custodial teams

Maintain spotless learning environments without inflating labor costs by using our AI-powered robots to optimize cleaning, fill gaps, and reduce reliance on vendors.

Eliminate manual floor scrubbing

Free your talented custodians from repetitive drudgery. Our intelligent robots excel at basic floor care, allowing your people to elevate their contributions.

Generate verifiable proof of floor care

No more guessing if the work meets your standards - our robots measure and document activities, empowering fact-based improvements.

Reduce costs of cleaning operations

Stretched too thin relying on expensive cleaning services? Our robotic solutions reduce outsourcing needs so you regain control over operations.

Optimize custodial spend

Bloated custodial labor budgets draining resources? Our robotics solutions optimize human capital needs, leading to dramatically lower costs.

Improved learning environments

Keep classrooms, hallways and other campus areas meticulously clean at all times using autonomous floor scrubbers that operate without disturbing students and faculty.

Maintain clean floors in occupied areas

Ensure your facilities are spotless at all times without interrupting students and staff. Our floor cleaning robots work around occupied environments discreetly.

Build trust through visible commitment

Don't lose the trust of parents and staff due to cleanliness concerns. Our autonomous floor scrubbers ensure pristine floors that convey your priorities around safety.

Free staff capacity for specialized tasks

Unlock your staff's full potential by letting our collaborative robots handle repetitive custodial chores so your teams can take on more advanced, consequential roles.

Get students excited about STEM

Spark student interest in robotics, computer science, engineering, and other technical fields through hands-on interaction with our autonomous technologies.

Showcase leading edge technology

Inspire students and faculty by pioneering the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence and autonomous robotics within your education programs.

Champion innovation across campus

Inspire students and elevate your capabilities by implementing sophisticated AI and automation within your programs. Establish your institution as a trendsetting innovator.

Ignite excitement for technical fields

Foster STEM passion by demonstrating our interactive autonomous robots in action. Increase engagement through hands-on learning powered by their future careers.

Spotlight your modernization efforts

Highlight your dedication to pursuing continuous innovation by deploying the latest AI-powered custodial robots available. Establish your pioneering spirit.

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Education customer spotlight

"These robotic floor cleaners are a critical technology investment that are helping us enhance cleanliness in buildings across our entire district. This is a huge benefit to our staff and students, while maintaining operating costs. These scrubbers can cover more area in a shorter time while freeing up the maintenance staff to take care of other necessary duties that may have been pushed to the backburner due to staffing shortages – it’s a win-win."

Richard Archuletta
Director of Facility Operations, Denver Public Schools


Daily labor hours saved per unit deployed


Square feet cleaned per unit per 90-minute cleaning session

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