The platform revolutionizing the way work gets done

BrainOS® empowers organizations and their employees to drive greater productivity and efficiency in their facilities through robotics and AI.

Productivity for the modern era

Build intelligence, efficiency and reliability into core operations to revolutionize the way work gets done and the way you serve your customers.

See a clear return on your investment

Investing in BrainOS ensures measurable ROI extending beyond labor cost savings alone. Our adaptive automation solutions provide consistent output, transform physical operations into digital workflows and data, and reduce overhead - enabling reinvestment into your people.

Automation that fits your needs

Every operation is unique. Whether your need is for pristine floors, accurate inventory insights, or adept remote site management, there’s a BrainOS® suite that can be crafted for your operational particulars.

Innovative that drives a winning advantage

Embrace a platform that carries a legacy of trust and established expertise while continuously pushing the boundaries at the bleeding edge of robotics and artificial intelligence, securing a robust automation advantage in a fiercely competitive market.


Total robots deployed or enabled


Total autonomous hours of operation

Robotic autonomy

Give your team the power to scale operations without scaling personnel, leveraging our user-friendly, most-deployed robotics system.

AI platform development

Software makes it more than a machine

We've created the leading robotics platform that powers the most robots in commercial public spaces worldwide. Our focused approach allows us to innovate, deploy and support robotic programs at scale so our customers can quickly and seamlessly adopt robots into their operations across all their facilities.  

Intelligent interaction

How autonomy works

The BrainOS® Robotics Platform, the world's most proven solution with over 10 million autonomous hours, deftly guides robots using sensory input for smooth and precise control. Our platform seamlessly integrates our advanced sensor kit and UL certified controller, with our intelligent autonomous software for perception, precise motion planning, localization, and advanced navigation.

A core commitment

Our approach to safety

We operate at a scale that separates us from the competition. This enables what we call "crowdsource learning", meaning the experience gained from each robot in the field is applied to all of them. Our unrivaled pace of learning accelerates performance and innovation.

Analytics & operations management

Transform inventory tracking, cleaning efficacy, and workflow efficiency. Cloud-based, real-time intel enables data-driven decisions while weekly summaries deliver aerial views to streamline oversight.

Fleet Ops Portal

Receive on-site business intelligence

From inventory intelligence to cleaning intelligence, BrainOS delivers real-time data, granting actionable insights for strategic decision-making. With detailed reporting, see what your robots are achieving and know precisely what's going on in your facilities.

BrainOS Mobile

Monitor operations live

As long as you’ve got an internet connection, you can interact seamlessly with your BrainOS-powered operations. View critical usage data, receive notifications, monitor performance, and access training all within the BrainOS® Mobile app for Android and iOS.

Email reports

Weekly performance reports

Weekly summaries provide crucial information for easy oversight, including total autonomous usage hours, site maps displaying covered and missed floor areas, and charts showing completed routes throughout the week. By condensing essential data into concise reports, managers can swiftly adjust priorities, reorganize teams, and optimize overall efficiency.

Autonomy services

We build cutting-edge robotic automation and AI to transform your operations, then provide ongoing performance services including monitoring tools and continual software upgrades that help drive maximum ROI.

Proactive maintenance

Remote monitoring & diagnostics

Our advanced cloud tools allow us to monitor the health of robots, helping us spot problems, accurately diagnose causes, and minimize downtime.

Remote control

Remote route optimization

Our remote monitoring and editing capabilities provide optimal functionality and peak navigational efficiency for robots.

Continuous enhancements

Ongoing performance upgrades

Regular software updates unlock new performance capabilities, features, and fixes to continually boost existing robotic automation.

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