March 14, 2022

BrainOS® Mobile: The Robot Tool Connecting Operators to Their Machines

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Looking to Better Interact With Your Robots?

You’ve kicked off your robotics and automation journey by investing in BrainOS®-powered robots. So, now what? How can you get to know your machine better, communicate with it directly and track its performance? Cue BrainOS® Mobile — a mobile application providing operators and managers real-time visibility to their BrainOS®-powered robotic fleets with easy-to-navigate, detailed performance and usage analytics. BrainOS® Mobile carries a rich feature set including push notifications, machine status, the BrainOS® Learning Center and more. Now that you know about this critical robot tool that enables seamless fleet management, let’s discuss who on your team should use BrainOS® Mobile and outline best practices for strategically leveraging the app to help maximize your robot program's ROI.

Who is the App for?

BrainOS® Mobile is a robot tool designed for anyone tasked with using, managing and monitoring BrainOS®-powered robots — from Robot Operators to Facility, Regional and District Managers. With BrainOS® Mobile, users can interact with their machines and oversee their robots’ productivity and performance at any time and from anywhere, including remotely.

How to Download BrainOS® Mobile

Ready to start leveraging this mobile application to monitor and optimize your robot program? The process is easy! Simply scan the QR code below to start your download, or find the app in the iOS App Store and Google Play.

BrainOS® Mobile Best Practices for Robot Operators


Robot operators can log in to BrainOS® Mobile by simply scanning the QR code located on the Robot’s UI screen.

  • Unlock the UI Screen> Settings> Mobile Alerts and Scan the QR Code

Scanning the QR code via the mobile app will pair your phone to the robot to review data and stay up to date with its current status. Pro-tip! Robot operators can pair with the QR code to unlock machine data and see what tasks were completed and what needs to be done.


Click into your Machine Card to view your Machine Status and available software updates. Operators can also view the Battery indicator to see when robots need recharging.


When an assist occurs, easily locate the machine via the images sent to you in the app.


Open the BrainOS® Mobile app > Profile > Push Notifications> Toggle which notifications you’d like to be alerted for. Pro-Tip! Pairing with the BrainOS® Mobile app vs SMS messages allows for multiple robot operators to pair with one machine via a QR code to receive important notifications. That’s right — now Robot Operators #1, #2 and #3 can collaboratively work together to clear assists or start a new route!

BrainOS Mobile Push Notifications

BrainOS® Mobile Best Practices for Fleet Managers


Fleet Managers can log into BrainOS® Mobile by entering their username and password provided by the Brain Corp Support Team.* Once logged in, add your robotic fleet by searching for Site or RIN. As best practice, focus on adding 10-15 machines at once into the app to strategically view your machines of interest.

*Fleet Manager login via username and password is currently available upon request.

Pro Tip! Logging in with a username and password provides all of the same benefits as scanning the QR code, but allows you to connect without physically being next to the machine.


Did someone say data? BrainOS® Mobile has you covered. Sort by various metrics including Autonomous usage %, Area Cleaned, Route Runs and more! Select your preferred metric to sort your different sites and easily verify your robots are completing their tasks. Pro tip! Sort from High to Low to see your top-performing sites, or Low to High to view an exception list and areas for improvement across your fleet.


Want more information on how a single site is performing? Click into any Site Card to drill down into its performance. View Trends over time to monitor patterns and check on areas for improvements.

BrainOS Mobile Site Metrics

Additional Features

Quick Start Guide

Need a quick refresher on Robot Operations? We’ve equipped BrainOS® Mobile with a Quick Start Guide component to ensure you and your robotic teammates are prepared and up for the task!

Learning Center

Our Learning Center provides an interactive learning experience with a host of material to ensure operators can access specific training for utilizing their BrainOS®-powered machines. The Learning Center is accessible from the opening page of the app and doesn’t require users to log in to access our host of robotics training material. Ready to take it to the next level? Earn your Robotic Certification after passing a mini-quiz that can be downloaded for your records!

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours is an exciting digital twin product currently being piloted that enables various departments from the field, home and office teams to virtually visit and interact with their facilities directly from the BrainOS® Mobile app. Want more information on how to add the Virtual Tours component to your BrainOS® subscription plan? Contact your account manager today!

Let’s continue to learn & improve, together!

You now have the resources and skills to oversee the multiple tasks your fleet is performing and make adjustments to drive greater efficiencies. And don't forget — BrainOS® Mobile enables remote access to your BrainOS®-powered robots, so operators can maximize output from almost anywhere. Any further questions about BrainOS® Mobile or robotic automation? Don't hesitate to contact your account manager. At Brain Corp, we love hearing your feedback. If you have any suggestions to improve BrainOS® Mobile or any requests, leave a response directly in the app. Love BrainOS® Mobile as much as we do? Leave us a few stars in the iOS App Store or Google Play. Looking for more robotic automation tools to help track, manage and optimize your fleet's productivity and performance? Explore our fleet management suite that includes multiple tools, like our cloud-based portal and email reports.

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