December 21, 2023

Brain Corp 2023 Wrapped

Brain Corp 2023 Milestones

Inventory management
Sasha Milovanova
Marketing Coordinator

As we reflect on 2023, it’s clear that it was a year marked by consistent effort and teamwork.  At Brain Corp, our commitment has been steadfast: to enhance business automation, efficiency, and productivity.

With the largest fleet of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) in operation, we’ve broadened our focus to include inventory scanning, specifically tailored for the retail sector. Our goal is to offer insightful and efficient automated solutions in both commercial floor cleaning and inventory scanning to help organizations and their employees achieve more.

In this final newsletter of 2023, we’re pleased to share some significant achievements and numbers that highlight our journey through the year.

Total amount of space covered autonomously

Brain Corp has achieved a significant milestone by successfully operating the largest fleet of autonomous robots, spanning an impressive area of 38 Billion square feet covered autonomously in 2023 by floor scrubbing robots running on the BrainOS Robots Platform. To put this into perspective, this area is roughly equivalent to about 660K football fields, or akin to the size of Luxembourg.

Total hours in autonomous driving

In 2023, floor scrubbing robots powered by the BrainOS® Robotics Platform reached an impressive milestone by autonomously operating for over 2.3 million hours. Considering the typical workday is 8-hours, that is more than 287,000 work days worth of work!

This level of productivity is staggering. The autonomous operation of these robots significantly augments the productivity of human teams. By handling repetitive or labor-intensive tasks autonomously, these robots free up human workers to focus on more complex, creative, or strategic tasks. This not only boosts efficiency but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the workforce, allowing teams to achieve more in less time and with less manual effort.

Images captured in 2023

Another extraordinary achievement for Brain Corp is with its fleet of inventory scanning robots running on the BrainOS Robotics Platform. In 2023, over 7.9 billion shelf images were captured – nearly matching the combined total of photographs that would be generated if every individual on Earth snapped one picture each!

This vast collection of shelf images brings incredible value as these images are analyzed by AI to identify critical insights like out-of-stock items, price tag inaccuracies, and the location of products. This data allows retailers to maintain an accurate and up-to-date picture of their inventory and store layout, ensuring that products are where they should be, priced correctly, and available for customers.

The most watched video

Did you happen to see the viral video of two kids in a Sam’s Club losing their minds over seeing a robot? If so, you weren’t alone! This video earned 9.5 million views on TikTok. What you may not have realized when seeing this video is that this is an autonomous scrubber with Inventory Scan that is powered by the BrainOS Robotics Platform! So, yes, kids, this is a robot! 🤖

This video is just another testament to the growing excitement surrounding seeing innovation in everyday life. The video highlights the broader public’s growing acceptance and interest in robotic technology. As these robots become more visible and interact more with people in everyday settings, such as grocery stores, they demystify the concept of autonomous machines.

Happy Holidays!

As we wrap up this edition of our newsletter, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each one of you for being a part of our journey in 2023. Your support and engagement have been invaluable in making this year a resounding success. We look forward to continuing our journey together, exploring new frontiers in automation and robotics, and bringing even more innovation to you in the coming year (hint hint 😉).

*Stats updated in January 2024 to reflect full 2023 actuals.

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