March 19, 2024

Tennant Announces Full Specification & Capabilities of X4 ROVR Autonomous Floor Cleaning Machine, its First Purpose-Built Robotic Scrubber

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Tennant Company, a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing solutions to reinvent how the world cleans, today unveiled the full specification and capabilities of the X4 ROVR autonomous floor scrubber, its first purpose-built autonomous floor cleaning machine and fourth robotic scrubber in its product line. Engineered from the ground up for autonomous operation and powered by the next generation BrainOS® Robotics Platform from autonomous technology partner Brain Corp the X4 ROVR robotic scrubber delivers unparalleled cleaning performance and adaptability across numerous commercial environments, including retail, healthcare, education, as well as multiple Building Service Contractor (BSC) applications where optimized productivity is crucial to success.  

Its state-of-the-art computer vision technology and compact dimensions gives the X4 ROVR the ability to intelligently navigate narrow and congested spaces.

“The new X4 ROVR robotic scrubber has been meticulously developed to help cleaning teams free up bandwidth and, as a result, improve their efficiency. It aims to empower businesses to deploy autonomous cleaning that requires minimal human interaction, truly freeing up employees for higher value tasks,” said Dave Huml, President and CEO of Tennant Company. “With Brain Corp’s next-generation software powering a step-change in navigation capabilities, our design team focused on delivering a robotic cleaning machine with improved maneuverability, durability, reliability and productivity — delivering customers a significantly faster return on investment.”

Purpose built with productivity in mind, the X4 ROVR autonomous floor scrubber features a dual disk scrub path, a high-performance vacuum system, and sophisticated technology that adapts seamlessly to various hard floor environments. It is equipped with a 10-gallon solution tank and delivers an impressive cleaning productivity rate of up to 20,000 ft² on a single full tank. It is also supported by a Lithium-ion battery that powers up to two and a half hours of continuous cleaning when fully charged.

David Pinn, CEO of Brain Corp, remarked, “The X4 ROVR autonomous floor scrubber is a prime example of the innovation unlocked in the partnership between Tennant and Brain Corp. Our shared vision for the future of autonomous cleaning has led to an offering that sets a new benchmark for robotic cleaning performance. The X4 ROVR comes with the tools and services needed to transform how cleaning teams operate, making their work more efficient and reliable than ever before.”

Users of the X4 ROVR robotic scrubber can stay connected to their autonomous cleaning operations using BrainOS® Ops Management Tools, including the BrainOS® Mobile app, BrainOS® Email Reports and BrainOS® Portal. This suite of tools empowers a digital approach to monitoring, reporting, and enhancing cleaning performance with transparent proof-of-work insights for operations. Tennant will also leverage its customer success team to support robots throughout their lifetime – with the aim of making each a reliable, valued member of a customer’s cleaning program.

“The X4 ROVR robot is more than just a cleaning machine,” Huml continued. “It’s a chance for our customers to adopt leading innovation, to refocus your cleaning teams on higher-value, higher-priority tasks, and to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your entire operation.”

The new Tennant X4 ROVR robotic scrubber is available to order immediately. To learn more and view specification details, visit Tennant’s website.

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