June 27, 2024
Press release

Dane AIR™ Wins AI Breakthrough Awards’ Best Robotics Sensing Solution 2024

Inventory management



Brain Corp, an autonomous technology company creating transformative solutions in robotics and AI, today announced that the Dane AIR™ robot has won the “Best Robotics Sensing Solution” category of the AI Breakthrough Awards. The AI Breakthrough Awards are run by Tech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence platform for today’s most competitive global markets. Now in its 7th year, the annual awards program recognizes the world’s most innovative companies, technologies, and products in the artificial intelligence industry today. 

Currently, most retailers manually track thousands of SKUs across their stores, searching for issues such as out-of-stocks, incorrect price labels, misplaced products, and more. The Dane AIR™ robot assists associates by efficiently monitoring stores, ensuring the right product is on the right shelf at the right price. With Dane AIR™ providing more frequent and accurate store insights, associates can engage more with customers, and retailers can uncover critical issues that help improve on-shelf availability, verify compliance with pricing and promotions, and ensure the correct placement of items for efficient order fulfillment. 

“To be named Best Sensing Solution of 2024 by the AI Breakthrough Awards is an honorable recognition of the value and innovation we can bring to the retail space,” said David Pinn, Chief Executive Officer, Brain Corp. “Sales are won or lost at the shelf, and we know that managing inventory is a critical and costly challenge for retailers today. With over 35,000 robots already deployed, we are uniquely positioned to solve these challenges with automation, driving significant improvements in store execution and ROI.” 

The Dane AIR™ autonomous inventory robot was developed in partnership between Dane Technologies and Brain Corp. Integrated with BrainOS® InventoryAI, Brain Corp’s AI-powered inventory analytics solution, these technologies are part of Brain Corp’s powerful, end-to-end solution to autonomously track and action inventory, the BrainOS® Sense Suite.

The AI Breakthrough Awards are an industry honor, as they come from a well-regarded third-party validation. The awards help guide technology buyers through a crowded AI marketplace to select the products and solutions that have the best performance and drive results. To learn more about Brain Corp and Dane AIR™, visit braincorp.com

About Brain Corp.

Brain Corp is the global leader in robotic AI software that powers the largest fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) operating in commercial public spaces. Global OEM partners use the company's cloud-connected platform, BrainOS®, to create scalable, self-driving robots that are used by end customers to clean floors and sense environmental data - turning manual operations into automated workflows. Fortune 500 brands across multiple verticals benefit from the growing portfolio of BrainOS®-powered robots and our industry-leading privacy, safety and efficiency tools that make managing and scaling automation easier. Brain Corp currently powers more than 35,000 AMRs, representing the largest fleet of its kind in the world.

About Dane Technologies

Dane Technologies was founded in 1996 to help retailers address the safety and productivity challenges of manual shopping cart retrieval and management. Working together with their clients, Dane Technologies has grown from that single product to become one of the most trusted names in ergologistic solutions – serving clients in retail, industrial, distribution, transportation, and healthcare around the world. 

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