July 27, 2022

Access Robotics Training Material With the BrainOS® Mobile Learning Center

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Gavin Donley
Gavin Donley

How can new or even existing employees easily get up to speed on how to operate their organization’s BrainOS®-powered robots and their different applications? We’re glad you asked! Introducing the BrainOS® Mobile Learning Center — a new educational resource we’re excited to provide our customers.

What is the BrainOS® Mobile Learning Center?

The BrainOS® Mobile Learning Center is a feature built into BrainOS® Mobile — our mobile application connecting operators and managers directly to their BrainOS®-powered robotic fleets by delivering real-time machine information, performance metrics and notifications. The Learning Center offers an interactive experience with training material geared towards utilization of the robot. Educational material includes helpful videos, quick-start guides and more! New robot users, experienced operators and everyone in between can easily learn more about operating a BrainOS®-powered robot and understand its advanced artificial intelligence software.

Ensuring a Sustainable Robotics Program

High staff turnover can stress even the most organized operations — introducing challenges for new hires as they attempt to learn existing processes and equipment operating procedures with limited training resources. When former employees leave, they often take their robot knowledge with them. And while autonomous mobile robots are the most intelligent tools organizations can leverage, they can’t deliver value if they aren’t in use. Therefore, giving employees the skills to operate their robots effectively is critical to the ongoing ROI of any organization’s robotics and automation program. The Learning Center can help new robot operators learn key fundamental skills and applications to successfully run their robots without the need for extensive in-person training, programming or engineering — ensuring a seamless transition of skills, even in positions with high turnover.

How to Access the BrainOS® Mobile Learning Center

The Learning Center is accessible from the opening page of the app and doesn’t require users to log in for access to all the robotics training material needed to get started. Here, users can check out the Quick Start Guide, explore the learning modules and can watch videos. For logging into the app, robot operators can simply:

  1. Download BrainOS® Mobile directly from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Open the App and scan the QR Code found under Settings → Mobile Alerts

By pairing with a QR code, users can connect to their machine to receive notifications and alerts, understand cleaning performance, and leave feedback, ask questions or suggest robotic training material that would be helpful to include in future versions of the Learning Center.

What Robot Operators Can Learn

The Learning Center introduces comprehensive robot training material — giving new robot operators access to quick-start guides, step-by-step interactive learning modules and training course videos that all support different language options. When new features are released as part of ongoing software updates, new videos will be posted so even experienced robot operators can keep their robot skills fresh. Whether you are looking to get started with the basics or level up on new artificial intelligence-powered robotic features, the Learning Center is a great pocket resource available anytime you need it.

The learning center is also web-based, accessible via learn.brainos.com. All training videos can also be viewed on YouTube.

About BrainOS® Mobile

Ready to kickstart your robot training and gain real-time machine visibility with easy-to-navigate, detailed performance and usage analytics? Start using the BrainOS® Mobile app today! Need assistance? Or looking to learn more about your robot operating system? Contact us and an automation expert will be in touch.

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