March 15, 2021

Tennant Debuts BrainOS-Powered T16AMR – First Robotic Scrubber for Industrial Spaces

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Tennant Company, a Brain Corp OEM partner and a leading cleaning equipment manufacturer, today announced final details on its newest and largest autonomous cleaning solution, the T16AMR. The BrainOS-powered unit is the first robotic floor scrubber designed for the industrial market, and is the third scrubber released in partnership between Brain Corp and Tennant.

Set to launch in the U.S. and Canada this April, the T16AMR specializes in cleaning large open spaces – warehouses, distribution center, manufacturing facilities, etc. – thanks to a number of key features, including:

  • A 36-inch scrub path and higher tank capacity for maximum cleaning coverage and efficiency
  • A high-capacity, lithium-ion power upgrade that includes a fast charger to get the most out of a day of scrubbing
  • Twin cylindrical brushes that can pick up small debris to prevent streaking and reduce the need for pre-sweeping
  • An onboard telemetry system which provides supervisor notification of route completion and regular reporting of cleaning performance
  • Unmatched safety and autonomous navigation capabilities via the BrainOS robotic platform

“Tennant Company appreciates the additional pressures our customers have in ensuring consistent cleaning with fewer resources,” said David Strohsack, Vice President of Marketing, Tennant Company. “This is particularly problematic for those with large facilities. That’s why we’ve introduced the T16AMR, our largest autonomous machine to date. It will help customers increase their cleaning efficiency and maximize employee resources.”

The T16AMR is Tennant’s third BrainOS-powered robotic cleaning solution, giving the company an array of autonomous solutions for different market needs. In 2018, the company launched its first autonomous solution, the T7AMR, which is ideal for supermarkets, big box retail stores, and other facilities such as malls, schools, and healthcare facilities. In 2020, it followed with the T380AMR, which can make tighter turns and is well suited for sites with smaller footprints. With the introduction of the T16AMR, Tennant and Brain now offer a unique solution for customers with industrial and warehouse needs.

“We’re excited to see Tennant bring its third BrainOS-powered AMR to market. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of robotic cleaning innovation by combining best-in-class software technology with proven, world-class equipment,” said Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO at Brain Corp. “Cleaning robots are clearly becoming the new commercial standard. With the new T16AMR, Tennant now offers autonomous solutions that can accommodate a diverse range of spaces, from large industrial settings to smaller retail footprints.”

Over the past year, robotic floor scrubbers have proven to be a valuable asset to companies that have struggled with staffing issues and enhanced cleaning expectations. In 2020, BrainOS-powered robots generated an estimated 3.3 million hours of additional productivity for clients in retail, grocery, malls, commercial offices, and other high-traffic commercial public locations. Together with its manufacturing partners, Brain Corp operates more than 14,500 robots worldwide, representing one of the largest fleets of its kind.

For more information, read Tennant’s press release, or download the T16AMR data sheet.

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