March 28, 2022

Brain Corp Appoints New VP to Build a Next-Gen Human Resources Department

Gavin Donley
Gavin Donley

To continue attracting top talent in a competitive employment market, Brain Corp has appointed strategic global human resources and operations expert, Holly Bloom, as Vice President of Human Resources. She will be responsible for driving the human resources business plan by identifying new solutions to challenges and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace that enables all employees to reach their full potential. Holly will also build foundational policies, processes, procedures, systems and practices to help deliver value to the business on all fronts.

Let’s get to know Holly a bit better with a Q&A:

1. Can you please briefly share a bit about your background in Human Resources?

I started my career in HR after college when a company I was working for merged with two larger competitors. I was tapped to work with the collective HR teams from those companies, along with the VP of HR, to build the HR function in our local office. Since that time, I have focused my career on leading the build-out of HR departments and business operations at small to medium-sized businesses across a wide range of industries including high tech, financial services, manufacturing and non-profit. I have led HR in over 20 states in the US, and in 16 countries globally.

2. Why did you decide to join Brain Corp?

I had been tracking Brain Corp for some time before joining, and I was first and foremost intrigued by the robotics and AI industry. As I got to know the senior leadership team, I recognized we had an aligned vision of building a dynamic and progressive HR department and function. It’s an HR professional’s dream to be given the opportunity to provide best-in-class HR, to be empowered to truly innovate, and to be invited to the table, and I found that in spades at Brain Corp. Plus, who doesn’t love having robots whiz past your office from time to time?

3. What are you hoping to achieve at Brain Corp?

Nothing less than progressive and transformative HR that is tailored to the business and culture needs of the organization. We are building a top-notch department that will be geared towards enriching the company’s learning culture and the employee experience, offering competitive total rewards, optimizing opportunities for our professionals to advance within their careers, and having a blast along the way.

4. What are your top three principles for running an effective HR department?

Tight Alignment: We need to always remain aligned with business strategy. We need to truly understand the long and short-term objectives of the business and be driving towards those with what we do. We need to understand and adapt to the competitive landscape and focus on optimizing the success of the business and enabling our employees to reach their potential.

Maximize efficiency: We want to be well-organized, efficient, automated, and, much like our robots, empower our leaders and employees to get everything they need swiftly and efficiently so they can focus on their jobs.

Strong two-way communication: We want to be sure we are highly transparent and communicate effectively across the organization from the first day of employment on. We want to be approachable and trusted, we want to always have our finger on the pulse of the culture, remaining highly attuned to the needs of our employees, what we can continue to advance through talent management, and what more we can offer as a Best Place to Work.

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