April 10, 2022
Press release

Kärcher & Brain Corp Debut First Professional Robotic Scrubber

Floor care



Today Kärcher expands its autonomous product line by introducing a professional robotic scrubber. The KIRA B 100 R is powered by Brain Corp’s BrainOS®, the world’s most proven and commercially validated software platform for powering autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) operating in indoor public spaces. KIRA is an acronym for Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Applications.

“We at Kärcher are pleased to offer yet another innovative robotic solution,” said Rex Shull, VP of Product Management and Engineering. “With the new KIRA B 100 R autonomous scrubber and the KIRA CV 60/1 autonomous vacuum introduced late last year, our customers now have robotic solutions for cleaning both hard and soft floor surfaces. These intelligent tools help businesses use their cleaning staff more efficiently and reduce operational costs while solving for labor shortages.”

Powered by BrainOS®, the KIRA B 100 R robotic scrubber handles the tedious assignment of cleaning floors all on its own so staff members can focus on higher-value tasks, providing a significant return on investment to customers. The machine safely navigates around people and obstacles via advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and a robust sensor system. Its intuitive interface allows workers of any technical ability to easily teach and run cleaning routes. Additional features include a chemical metering system and indication lights.

In addition to its machine capabilities, fleet management tools provide operators and managers with key insights into performance metrics so robotic operations can be tracked, verified, and improved. Through a continuous innovation cycle surrounding the data insights provided by Brain Corp, the experience using the KIRA B 100 R robot gets even better over time.

“We’re excited to see Karcher bring its first BrainOS®-powered AMR floor scrubber to market. By combining our best-in-class software with their proven equipment, Karcher is building a strong portfolio of robotic solutions enabling customers to become more productive across their cleaning operations. We look forward to supporting Karcher and their customers across industries to deliver transformative automation experiences with the most intelligent tools,” said Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO at Brain Corp.

KIRA B 100 R

Learn more at https://www.braincorp.com/partners/karcher/

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Photo by michal dziekonski on Unsplash
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