November 4, 2020

Brain Corp Recognized as a Robotics Deployment Leader in New Analyst Report

Brain Corp
Brain Corp

Brain Corp has been cited as a deployment leader for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) in a new industry report from ABI Research, a leading technology analyst firm that covers the global robotics industry.

In the October report, “Mobile Robotics: Technologies for Autonomous Navigation,” ABI Research lists Brain Corp as one of three deployment leaders for AMRs worldwide. Working with manufacturing partners, Brain Corp currently powers more than 14,000 robots worldwide, including scrubbers, vacuums, delivery tugs, and shelf-scanning units. This represents one of the largest fleets of its kind operating in high-traffic commercial locations, such as retail, grocery, malls, airports, and office space.

Rian Whitton, a senior analyst and the report author, was bullish on the growth prospects of AMRs overall, which he said will become the dominant form of mobile robotics outside of structured environments. He expects annual shipments of AMRs to reach more than 2.5 million by the year 2030 across multiple industry verticals, including retail. Overall, Whitton expects the entire mobile robotics market to reach $195 billion by 2030, with 66% percent of the revenue focused on indoor applications.

This is the second time ABI has recognized Brain Corp’s leadership in AMRs. In 2019, the research company named Brain Corp the top autonomy vendor in its report, “Mobile Robotics: Autonomy Solution Providers.”

Brain Corp works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create autonomous mobile robots at scale across industries and applications. The company’s BrainOS® platform also delivers intuitive user experience design and powerful features to help businesses and their employees leverage the power of robotics.

“We are excited and grateful for this recognition, which validates the scalability of our technology, as well as our strategic approach in working with proven equipment providers,” said Phil Duffy, VP of Product at Brain Corp.

To learn more about how the recent pandemic has impacted the adoption rate for AMRs, download the free ABI white paper, “The Business Value of Autonomous Mobile Robots in the Wake of COVID-19.”

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