November 8, 2021

100 Billion Square Feet … and Counting

Floor care
Gavin Donley
Gavin Donley

We’re always thrilled to learn about the positive impact BrainOS®-powered autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are having on the thousands of end-users who rely on them to get things done every day. This is particularly true during the waning days of a pandemic that has exacerbated already existing labor shortages. Retail, in particular, is one of the sectors heavily impacted by this reduction in available workers over the past 20 months.

That’s what makes our latest milestone worth celebrating! Our fleet of autonomous floor cleaners and inventory delivery tugs have officially covered 100 billion square feet since they first rolled out in 2018, respectively. And while they have kept floors cleaner and moved heavy loads of inventory (up to 1,000 lbs. per trip), they have also protected our clients’ workforce, helped their staff become more efficient, given back over 6.6 million of labor hours to operations managers and kept customers safer.

So, why is this milestone such a big deal to Brain Corp? To us, it is a clear indicator that we have been successfully deploying self-driving robots at scale across multiple verticals. Whether it’s complex warehouse environments or bustling retail stores, schools getting back in session or overwhelmed hospitals, our autonomous robots have worked efficiently, effectively and safely alongside staff and among customers. What was once a novel sighting, is now familiar and part of the new normal.

While retail has been a key adopter of BrainOS®-powered AMRs, it is not alone in its increased usage over the last year. In fact, we’ve seen usage skyrocket in other verticals like airports, malls, offices, industrial environments, education facilities and hospitals.

Increased coverage in square feet – October 1st, 2020, to October 1st, 2021:

  • Retail +40%
  • Airport +69%
  • Mall +113%
  • Offices +138%
  • Industrial +313%
  • Education +426%
  • Hospital +2,500%

YoY industry stats in a bar chart

Across industries, the 100 billion square feet covered by our robots are literally square feet of floors employees haven’t had to clean and move heavy cartloads of goods across. Our fleet is making an enormous difference in our customers’ operations, yes, but more importantly, it’s transforming work for tens of thousands of people.

While we understand robot usage has increased dramatically during the pandemic, we project this overall trend to continue to rise because of the value AMRs are adding to our customers’ businesses – driving efficiency, improving safety and bringing cost-savings. We couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds.

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