BrainOS: Autonomous Navigation Platform

Powering the future of intelligent machines

What is BrainOS?

BrainOS  is Brain Corp's autonomous navigation platform. It is a  proprietary operating system  that integrates with off-the-shelf hardware and cloud technology to provide a cost effective “brain” for robots. Its  computer vision and AI libraries  provide advanced self-driving capabilities that  allow robots to safely navigate  the cluttered and dynamic environments we live in.

BrainOS Core Functionality

Multi-layer redundancy for optimized safety
Single-shot mapping and routing
Adaptive learning by demonstration
Surface anomaly detection and object avoidance
Cloud-based performance data capture and reporting, diagnostics, and updates

A Comprehensive Solution

Machines powered by BrainOS are retrofitted with an “autonomy kit” - off-the-shelf sensors and a computer module - in order to achieve self-driving capabilities.

Deployment and management of these machines is done through Brain Corp’s cloud-based robot operations center (ROC). The ROC also enables data capture, diagnostic reporting, and software updates.

Partnering with Brain Corp

Brain Corp works closely with equipment manufacturers to turn their products into intelligent machines. With BrainOS, companies can drive innovation, deliver increased efficiency and offer unique, autonomous solutions to their end-customers.

Seamless Integration

Incorporate BrainOS into pre-existing product architecture

Short Development Time

Launch autonomous products without a lengthy and expensive internal R&D process

Go-To-Market Solution

Offer a complete automation solution to your customers


Leverage cloud-based reporting, diagnostics, route development assistance, and automatic software updates

See the world through the eyes
of our machines

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