Drive impact to the bottom line with BrainOS, a comprehensive, trusted, scalable, cloud-connected operating system for commercial autonomous robots. Integrate BrainOS into pre-existing machines or new form factors.

Lead with technology.


Customized BrainOS-powered robot for industry application

(Self-driving floor scrubbers, vacuums, delivery robots, shelf-scanning robots, security robots, etc.)

Lead with cutting edge-technology and drive positive impact to bottom line

Sell to end user or distributor



The physical machine is just the tip of the iceberg when building a robot. BrainOS provides the critical, comprehensive foundation needed to ensure success.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Fast-track time to market, save on costly R&D, and lead with technology by using the industry’s proven solution.

Fleet and Lifecycle Management Tools

Monitoring, Data and Usage Info Tracking, Configuration Management, Reporting

Deployment and Maintenance

Provisioning, Error Detection, Activation, Robot to User Communications

Innovation Updates

Lessons Learned by One Robot Can be Transferred to the Entire Fleet

Manufacturing Apps

Calibration, Diagnostic, Support

Deployment Apps

Map and Route Creation, Self-Exploration

Autonomy Apps

Route Following, Obstacle Avoidance

Odometry, Localization, Mapping, Perception, Motion Planning

BrainOS Security Layer

Interfaces with Recommended Top Component Providers for IP67 Rated Water/Dust Proof Sensors, Cameras, and Batteries

Robots Powered by BrainOS

Asset 54

  • Navigate autonomously and avoid obstacles
Asset 55

  • Easily deploy with existing machines and staff
Asset 56

  • Adapt to changing environments
Asset 59

  • Seamlessly interact with human users and other robots
Asset 58

  • Generate reports
Asset 57

  • Manage data

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