A word from our customers

Kathryn Mclay
Former President & CEO at Sam’s Club, and now CEO of Walmart International
Speaking at Baird 2023 Global Consumer, Technology & Services Conference

I think that we're one of the first retailers in the world that actually gets a daily snapshot of exactly what our items are in what locations in the Club, whether it's on the floor or in the steel. And then we're using that to automate, at the moment, 35% of inventory tasks — and, in the very near future, 70% of inventory tasks.

Todd Garner
Vice President of In-Club Product Management at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is hyper focused on making sure our members have a seamless shopping experience, so any time-saving innovation we can implement is significant. By adding Inventory Scan to our current fleet of robotic scrubbers, we obtain critical inventory data that previously was time consuming to obtain. This intelligence allows us to proactively manage our clubs in an efficient manner. Inventory Scan assures items are available and easy to locate in the club, freeing up time for our associates to focus on members and the shopping experience they deserve.

Pavel Klemera
Operations Support Manager at Albert Czech Republic

After an extensive phase of research, we elected to deploy BrainOS-powered Tennant autonomous scrubbers, which proved to be the most effective machines for operating efficiently and safely in our stores. The roll out has been seamless and the advanced robotic scrubbers are easy for our team to operate, creating a high level of consistent and trackable cleaning, which ensures that our customers enjoy a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience.

Richard Archuletta
Director of Facility Operations at Denver Public Schools

These robotic floor cleaners are a critical technology investment that are helping us enhance cleanliness in buildings across our entire district. This is a huge benefit to our staff and students, while maintaining operating costs. These scrubbers can cover more area in a shorter time while freeing up the maintenance staff to take care of other necessary duties that may have been pushed to the backburner due to staffing shortages – it’s a win-win.

Kim Anderson
Senior Director of Store Operations Support at Schnucks

These new robotic scrubbers will enhance cleaning performance, while giving valuable time back to teammates so they can spend more time doing what is most important: serving our customers. Robotics and technology are important tools for helping us improve in-store experiences and achieve our customer-first values.