Brain Corp is   transforming the cleaning industry  with its intelligent, self-driving technology. BrainOS enables commercial cleaning machines to work seamlessly   alongside teammates. Machines powered by BrainOS are capable of autonomously navigating complex and dynamic environments,  ensuring the highest level of safety and cleaning performance.

Benefits of Robotic Floor Scrubbers


Improve cleaning consistency and coverage

  • Increase ability to meet scope of work
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Maximize team productivity

  • Allow team members to work on higher value tasks
  • Mitigate losses from absenteeism and high turnover

Leverage In-Depth Reporting

  • Consistently review work being performed
  • Effectively prove compliance

Set Up and Deploy With Minimal Effort

  • BrainOS-powered scrubbers work immediately upon arrival
  • No engineers or specialized technical team required

Lead with Technology

  • Strengthen product offerings to customers
  • Boost competitive position

Work with known equipment

  • BrainOS powers pre-existing scrubbers made by industry leaders
  • Employees work with brands they already understand and trust

Commercial Floor Scrubbers
Powered by BrainOS


Ice rs26

A global company that develops specialized equipment for the industrial and commercial cleaning industry, Intelligent Cleaning Equipment (ICE) prides itself on bringing best-in-class technology to its customers across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

The collaboration between Brain Corp and ICE allows for a pooling of breakthrough technologies including automated driverless technology.


Minuteman RoboScrub 20

Minuteman International offers commercial and industrial maintenance products for the cleaning industry. Their range of products include walk-behind and ride-on auto scrubbers, floor machines, and battery and propane burnishers.

A company that prides itself on understanding the wants and needs of the industry and providing innovative solutions, Minuteman’s partnership with Brain Corp allows the Illinois-based manufacturer to automate its Minuteman RoboScrub 20.


NSS EForce

With more than 100 years of cleaning industry experience, NSS Enterprises is known for helping its customers maximize productivity and increase efficiency in the cleaning process.

By partnering with Brain Corp, NSS is able to introduce advanced vision-based navigation technology to its customers, which range from cleaning contractors to facility management teams.


Tennant T7AMR Rider-Scrubber

Tennant Company is a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing cleaning products and solutions for maintaining surfaces in industrial, commercial, and outdoor environments.

Tennant Company will seamlessly integrate Brain’s proprietary AI robotic technology software platform, BrainOS, to deliver a cleaning solution designed to maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and optimize safety.

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