In-market since 2015, BrainOS safely and successfully powers autonomous commercial robots across industries and environments.

Meet a few robots powered by BrainOS.

  • Robotic Floor Care

    Brain Corp is transforming the cleaning industry with its comprehensive, foundational technology. BrainOS has emerged as the industry's technology standard for autonomous floor care solutions, and has partnered with numerous leaders in the space. Commercial cleaning equipment powered by BrainOS allows end-users to work collaboratively with the brands they already know and trust.

  • Whiz by Softbank Robotics

    Whiz is a robotic vacuum cleaner from SoftBank Robotics.

    SoftBank Robotics is a worldwide leader in robotics solutions, and is constantly exploring and commercializing innovations that help make people's lives easier, safer, more connected, and more extraordinary.

  • Autonomous Delivery Tug Application

    Powered by BrainOS®, this new application enhances efficiency and productivity by enabling autonomous delivery of stock carts and loose-pack inventory for any indoor point-to-point delivery needs.

    Eliminating inefficient back and forth material delivery, this robot works seamlessly alongside teammates while safety navigating complex, dynamic environments. Capable of towing a variety of common material handling cart types, carts are loaded by pushing them into the payload area until they click into and engage with the tow hitch.


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