Autonomous Scrubbers

BrainOS Release – 3.3.0

Learn what’s new and improved in the latest updates to BrainOS.

We update BrainOS regularly to give you a better experience and fix issues. These release notes explain what’s new and improved.

New Features

  • Stop & Honk
    • Users now have the ability to teach a route with specific Stop & Honk points along the trained path.
    • The Stop & Honk feature enables the operator to control exactly where they want the robot to make a complete stop before proceeding.
    • Multiple Stop & Honk locations can be trained throughout a single trained route.
    • The robot will stop in place at its trained position for 3 seconds after honking before continuing on its route.

Usability Improvements

  • Improved logic navigating around people to make operating in dynamic environments easy and natural.
  • Improved navigation performance in difficult AMR environments.
  • Updated advanced filtering algorithm for 3D depth image detection.
  • Updated thresholds for certified Side Safety System to optimize performance in specific environments.

International Language Support

  • BrainOS now supports two new language options – Czech & Polish


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