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Brain Corp – NSS Partnership

Bringing forth efficient and sophisticated, self-driving cleaning solutions.

eForce Burnisher A.I.

With more than 100 years of cleaning industry experience, NSS Enterprises is known for helping its customers maximize productivity and increase efficiency in the cleaning process.

By partnering with Brain Corp, NSS is able to introduce advanced vision-based navigation technology to its customers, which range from cleaning contractors to facility management teams.

Available: 2017 | Enquiries: sales@braincorp.com / mailus@nss.com

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Maximizing Efficiency and Reducing Costs

  • Vision-based A.I
  • Capable of navigating complex environments
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Simple operator setup and use
  • Transforming brand-name equipment
  • Ensures the performance you trust

Product Specifications

Robotic Features

Control:Manual and autonomous.
Learning System:Autonomous function is trained by user to replicate multiple scrubbing routes.
Navigation:Multi-layer sensor system perceives environment, controlling vehicle and navigation.
Security:Password protected User Interface.
Safety:Overlapping sensors detect and avoid people and obstacles. Equipped with auto-stop button. Remote monitoring capability
Support:Robotic Operating Center (ROC), manned by Brain Corp technicians, provides remote supervision, fleet management analytics and first line customer service.


Path Width:27 in
Pad Speed:1500-1700 rpm
Noise:68 dBA
Productivity per hour:35,640 sq. ft. per hour
Productivity per charge:106,920 sq. ft. per charge

Dimensions & Capacity

Length:62 in
Width:30 in
Height:48.5 in
Weight:1,100 lbs


Burnisher Motor:DC permanent magnet 36V 3.6 HP
Dual Drive Motors:DC permanent magnet 36V 0.25 HP each
Batteries:6 x 6V 430 Ah Wet lead acid
Run Time:3 hrs

Join us in Vegas for ISSA 2017 and stop by booth #917 to experience a live demo of EMMA - Brain's autonomous floor care solution.