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Brain Corp – Minuteman Partnership

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e3330 Walk-behind Scrubber

Minuteman International offers commercial and industrial maintenance products for the cleaning industry. Their range of products include walk-behind and ride-on auto scrubbers, floor machines and battery and propane burnishers.

A company that prides itself on understanding the wants and needs of the industry and providing innovative solutions, Minuteman’s partnership with Brain Corp will allow the Illinois-based manufacturer to automate its e3330 walk-behind scrubber.

Available: 2017 | Enquiries: sales@braincorp.com / info@minutemanintl.com

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Maximizing Efficiency and Reducing Costs

  • Vision-based A.I
  • Capable of navigating complex environments
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Simple operator setup and use
  • Transforming brand-name equipment
  • Ensures the performance you trust

Product Specifications

Robotic Features

Control:Manual and autonomous.
Learning System:Autonomous function is trained by user to replicate multiple scrubbing routes.
Navigation:Multi-layer sensor system perceives environment, controlling vehicle and navigation.
Security:Password protected User Interface.
Safety:Overlapping sensors detect and avoid people and obstacles. Equipped with auto-stop button. Remote monitoring capability
Support:Robotic Operating Center (ROC), manned by Brain Corp technicians, provides remote supervision, fleet management analytics and first line customer service.
Minuteman e3330 Scrubber


Cleaning Path Width:33 in
Squeegee Width:44 in
Brush Speed:180 rpm
Max. Grade:10%
Working Speed:3.1 mph
Max. Productivity Rate:45,208 ft2/hr
Noise:67 dBA

Dimensions & Capacity

Length:65 in
Width:35 in
Height:45 in
Weight With Solution And Batteries:1,205 lbs
Solution Tank Capacity:30 gal
Recovery Tank Capacity:30 gal


Drive Motor:0.7 HP
Vacuum Power:0.86 HP
Nominal Voltage:24V
Batteries:4 x 6V 305 Ah wet lead acid